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Void of Vision – In Black & White

15. September 2017 279 6 Keine Kommentare


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In Black & White is taken from the new Void of Vision album ‘Children of Chrome’ – OUT NOW via UNFD.
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— Lyrics —
You’ve bitten off more than you can chew and it’s left the most bittersweet of tastes in
your mouth
You only care for what you’ve kept to yourself, so ask yourself the question “Why’s my head so full of doubt”
It’s this backwards step that’s leaving us for dead, what will it take for us all the move forward?
To a generation stuck in reverse; it’s time to turn this curse, you’ve missed the point you’ve been making
You’ve always had the greatest faith in fools From where the strength of the pack Deludes the strength of the wolf
Shed your skin, find the truth within
It seems that you like to think that ignorance is bliss Then can you please explain what will become of this?


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