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Columbus – Woke Up With A Heart Attack

23. Juli 2018 377 Keine Kommentare


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Taken from Columbus’ album A Hot Take On Heartreak, out now:

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I miss your hair, I miss your nose
I miss the way we used to take off all our clothes
I miss your smile and the way that you kissed me
I never had any medical history

And now I’m taking back what’s mine,
Tell myself I’m doing fine without you here
But last night I had a dream, you were lying in my arms,
Rosy red lips touched my cheek

And I woke up with a heart attack, I’m dying you can’t get me back
Flat-lining, running out of breath, won’t you kiss me again
Won’t you kiss me

I miss our days, I miss our nights
I miss how we just used to laugh after we’d fight
I miss our jokes, and the flutter of my heartbeat, that I’d get when you’d say that you loved me

But I saw you out with another guy, and it’s funny how fast time flies when nothing is fun
That night I lay in bed, staring at your picture frame, I closed my eyes like nothing’s changed

And as I lay asleep in that hospital bed, I wondered if you ever cared
I dreamt you came to visit me, and sat down on the end of the bed
And half asleep I said, won’t you kiss me


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