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The Wonder Years Sign To Hopeless Records!

29. Oktober 2017 352 5 Keine Kommentare


The Wonder Years – – The metal and rock music portal for immortals! Bands, Artists and more. C’mon and take a seat on the train to

The final details of the signing were recently ironed out… through a pancake eat-off, duh. See how it all went down at the local IHOP and see who was victorious in this match up… Lets Eat!

Hopeless Records is excited to welcome the newest members of the family, Philadelphia’s own, The Wonder Years. Made up of vocalist Dan Soupy Campbell, guitarists Matt Brasch and Casey Cavaliere, bassist Josh Martin, drummer Mike Kennedy and keyboardist/guitarist Nick Steinborn… The Wonder Years are just six dudes here to bring you some pop-punk straight from the Keystone state.

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