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Slowly Slowly – Smile Lines (Acoustic)

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Video by Michael Roberts

I’ll be your friend and I’ll stay til the end
And I’ll play just to lose all while in love with you
Hold you close when it’s cold, want to take off your clothes and I’ll tell myself I deserve it

But as I’m falling asleep I will wait in the dark being still as a snake and hungry as a shark
My brain tying knots and connecting the dots of how everything I say is a lie

You said ‘I’ve seen you quiet & red when you blush,
And the skin under nails from the shoulders you crush and your typewriter heart, narrating all of the parts that you tell yourself is the truth’

I said ‘cut me some slack, you know I can change back – I am Jekyll and Hyde
I am trying to find just a balance of sorts so that when I distort I can cut off the parts I don’t like’

I’m not sure what we’re fighting for

I see your smile lines when you’re deadpan, I fall at your feet
I got this feeling you’re in mourning, you’re sick of me
Try to take it back – there’s nothing you can say to fix it now
You are my light I need you tonight

Pay me the caution that you give to your friends
Oh the buckets and spades, the means to the ends
Do you save it for me so I can brutally see all the tricks that you learnt as a kid?

I don’t believe anyone
That doesn’t sound like something that I’d say to anyone
You gotta help me please

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