SeeYouSpaceCowboy "Fashion Statements Of The Socially Aware"

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“Fashion Statements Of The Socially Aware” lyrics

Pace race parade, around virtue’s halo, go sway your head, When I. Hey, false frame, well pretense stains, bleed your name, false lane, indulge the game, fight fair. Sure stay right, I’ll crash test for your sake. Restart, bleed your thesis, growth rings and avid creases from the way we carry pieces of…Stark Blame. Restless faceless, ripe stain. Classless Solace, false frame. Restless faceless, wear the blame. Ceaseless solace, run to the bend. Restless, stain. Faceless, wrong wind. Ceaseless, frame. Solace, not winning.

Hardcore Punk

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