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Derek Ted "How U Gonna Live"

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“How U Gonna Live” lyrics

Paperback conscious hardbound heart
A novel’s worth existence one line sold short
Well pardon my confusion
My page has turned
I’ve learned from elders all hope is lost

Punished for our sin
Paper on our tongues
Machines on our backs
When will this silent alarm let us sleep against our will?

The stars are realizations of a life once past
These hollowed out equations keep saying we’ll never last

Well pardon my confusion my page has turned
If we keep on leaving traces well find our way back home
Why not give in? Don’t worry about where we’ve been
There is only now
So we must find out …

How u gonna live with your visions now?
How u gonna live when this all plays out….
I’m not trying to look
But I won’t ask why

Indie Rock

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