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Left Behind "Tough Love" Official Music Video

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“Tough Love” lyrics

It started out with a disease
Something you couldn’t handle or hide
It ended with a bottle of pills
You should’ve been the one to die

You call it tough love. But love shouldn’t burn
Did everything ya could to make the hurting worse
Now everyone knows the kind of man ya are
So ya spend your days drowning yourself at the bar

Took abuse to another level
Made her think that she was talking to the devil
One day you’ll get hit where it hurts
You’re the next one in line to feel the burn

Light up another cigarette
Pray to god you forget
The screams that she made
As your fist landed on her face

You wanted this, you told her to
Painted body black and blue
Wrong place, wrong time. Just her luck
You know what you did so get fucked

How many cuts because of you?
So you cover them with a bruise
Ruin a life like you did it for fun
Angry gets shit done

I said get fucked

It’s like casting a curse
You loved making the hurting worse
Your biggest regret since the birth
Now she isn’t on Earth

I scream to god on my knees
I wish I was the one to bleed
An eye for an eye
Why did she have to die?

Hardcore Punk

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