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Left Behind "Blessed By The Burn"

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“Blessed by the Burn” lyrics

Pull me into the dirt
Let me feel nothin hurt
Nothin left for me to yearn
Faces fade and the memories blur
The body gives up, soul takes its turn
The price is steep, you’re gonna learn
Seeing hell, blessed me with the burn

Lemme tell ya something about hell
Your ears will ring, until they’re done talkin
You can try and wake up, but they won’t let ya til they’re done
You asked for the lord but he didn’t answer

No one hears you repent
Wash yourself in your sins
It just gets harder, day by day
I’ve tried for a while, no one hears you pray

Lord let me drift away,
Save me from all this pain
My mind begins to reel
I still grip the steel

Lord take away my grace
Burning touch across my face
Second chance new life begins,
Death is not the end

I grip the blade until it turns dull
I can’t get this pressure outta my skull
Death gets hard and life gets harder
A thousand goodbyes couldn’t end this sorrow
Tryin to make sense of all this, make me feel complete
I’m losing my mind with my back on the concrete

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