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Hellions – 24 feat. Josh Franceschi

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24 feat. Josh Franceschi is taken from Hellions‘ new double single:

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Breathe, be still, be free
I was too lost in the way that others perceive me
to remember that being oneself, is supposed to be easy
so it resulted in embarrassment mostly
socially uncomfortable, verbally clumsy
it’s a young man’s farce, slowly, but by and large
everything would change with the rain in Bang Saray

We are born and raised
as cattle to be the samebut we are not the same
we have to change
and if we don’t, we’ll suffocate
won’t we?

The world has changed
I awaited poise and autonomy,
assured that it would come to me – a matter of chronology
and i guess, looking back on those years
I didn’t know what was wrong with me.

Go on and let yourself bruise
we all need to learn how to lose.

You’re not angry
‘cause you’re not listening
we are not the same
we have to change
and if we don’t, we’ll suffocate
don’t wait.

One never reaches home until kind paths intersect
and then the whole entire world will change itself to look like them
for every altruistic, solicitous man and woman that i’ve met
it was my distinct pleasure to have met you
and to have shaken your hand
you will never be forgotten
you’re each part of who i am
– your kindness.

Mother, won’t you forgive me?
Father, won’t you listen to me?
Brother can’t you hear the sound?
The march of time draws closer now

Hardcore Punk

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