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Official stream for ‘Shitty Situation’ by Guttermouth off their EP, ‘Got It Made’.
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Son it’s your dad and I’m an old man
get your ass over here and empty my bedpan
Cause you dumped this bag of bones in a nursing home
now I’m gonna make your life miserable
Son it’s your dad and I knew about your scam
when you tried to empty out my retirement plan
little did you know that the feds where on the phone?
and you’ll never ever guess where I hid the dough
your wife is an imbred who married an idiot
it’s no surprise that your kids are deformed
Good luck with the debt and the mess that I left you with
and in my will it will just say go to hell
Son it’s your dad and I’m rotting in this bed
when you were a kid I dropped you on your head
I know you think you’re smart cause I’m an old fart
but you’ve been an idiot right from the start
Son it’s your dad remember that time
we hit the sauce and I said you weren’t mine
you thought it was a joke or maybe had a hope
but the real truth will never be known.

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