Elder Brother "Throw Me To The Wolves"

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Throw Me To The Wolves Lyrics

When the words that you throw do so much more damage than stones, down the road, later on, let it go. You know that sort of guilt can tear down anything you try to build, so relax, I’ll see you in a month. Do you still talk when you’re asleep? Do you think of me? When you fell free after hours of sinking deep, did you think of me? It never rains but it poured all week, did you think of me? When you’re halfway drunk and you’re feeling mean, do you think of me? No you aren’t worth the weight of all of the gold it would take to pay back all your debts, so forget it. So here is where the wave broke and turned back to the sea. You said you thought you could trust me. I said I thought you looked guilty and I knew I was right. When you aren’t tired but can’t shake sleep do you think of me? Throw me to the wolves. Mention me by name. Pour oil on our troubled water and then set it to flame. Did you think of me?

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