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Derek Ted "Take it"

24. Oktober 2019 115 6 Keine Kommentare


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„Take It“ lyrics

So much pain
Developed at an early age
They lost all hope for her in the year she was left alone
Eyes the deepest I’ve ever known
Beauty unphased by the flowers growing

Her knife is sinking in
No, I won’t complain
Ya I can take it
I can take it

Left too late
& found her worried burning sage
Spirit yearning trying to find some peace at mind
Her light my favorite star in the sky
& the only one to bring my darkest nights

Was it something I said?
I was suffering I wasn’t ending
Was it something I said?
As always I will be waiting
Hiding something again thinking that was okay
All for nothing all for nothing all this fighting
I can’t
I wouldn’t tell u how to feel
I wouldn’t lie I wouldn’t lie

Indie Rock

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