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Deez Nuts – Party At The Hill [Feat. Drew York of Stray From The Path]

8. September 2017 106 Keine Kommentare


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‘Party At The Hill’ is taken from the new Deez Nuts album ‘Word Is Bond’ – OUT NOW via UNFD.

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you know the kids one country to the next, shot after shot yeah you know the rest.
we been there and we done that and we did it the best, went to the school of hard knocks, shit we aced that test. you know the kids one bottle to the next, show after show yeah you know the rest. we make it look easy but this life’s complex, and if you askin’ if we love this shit the answer is yes. you know the boys dumb clever on our own tip, yeah we marchin’ to our own beat. you know the boys, mad chill still prolific steady slinging all that dope that you need.
better hope you fuckin miss me if you see me drinkin’ whiskey, you know me and drewyork get way past tipsy. we lookin to come to your town, shut down the stage.
steady bringin all that energy that you need. on lock we got this so cop this,
soon enough you’ll need another fix to fuck with.Yeah so let me bust it. Gimmie a mic and a stage I’ll make you love it. You can’t fuck with. Me & j DN and the rest, you know we coming correct, from one city to the next, blasted from your head to your chest we make a mess and we out.
we live this shit and we breathe this, and at the end of the day, you need this.
yeah we got what you need, anything that you need, yo we got it.
mad chill still prolific steady slinging all that dope that you feelin’.

Hardcore Punk

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