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Cursed Earth – Tyranny Forever

4. Juni 2019 187 Keine Kommentare


Cursed Earth – The metal and rock music portal for immortals! Bands, Artists and more. C’mon and take a seat on the train to

Taken from Cursed Earth’s upcoming mixtape, The Deathbed Sessions:

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Can you feel it,
It’s rising,
A pale serpent from the river
Carving a path of destruction,
Delivering blood and silver

Tyranny Forever,

Can you hear it, the marching,
Tracks carving through the mountains,
Draining the blood for a profit,
Delivering plague and famine

A bullet to the chest, A severed head,
A man laid to rest, a trophy of the courage of the dispossessed.

Fight, noble martyr, fight
Hold back the tide
Set the stage, drag them to light
Punish their crimes, make them look in your eyes

Resistance, oppression, resolution delayed
Resistance, oppression, persecution, hate

Hardcore Punk

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