Catch Fire – Bad Behaviour

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Official visual stream for ‘Bad Behaviour’ by Catch Fire off their debut album, ‘Karma Owes Me A Lifetime Of Happiness’.
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Well I thought that the pressure would get to you,
And I thought I could measure the distance I am from you,
But you’ve tainted the cracks on the pavement.
Being alone is safer.
And I think that with time I could face her,
But don’t think I wouldn’t dare.
Was it me or depression that broke you down?
Cause I get the impression that it was me somehow,
And I fell to the pressure,
Now I’m breaking down,
But I’d never question you.
What’s with the bad behaviour?
I thought being alone was safer,
And I thought that with time I could change her.
Don’t think I never cared.
I’d never question you.
What’s with the bad behaviour?
I failed but maybe you can change her.
I’d never question you.

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