Catch Fire – Stabbing Pains

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Official visual stream for ‘Stabbing Pains’ by Catch Fire off their debut album, ‘Karma Owes Me A Lifetime Of Happiness’.
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I am numb to both the good and bad.
I’m having thoughts that I should never have.
I’ve been searching for what doesn’t exist,
But I’ll flip the switch when I can.
No, I’m not ready for this.
How can you honestly believe,
What goes around comes back again?
I’d like to know the if and when you’ve seen that happen before.
These stabbing pains still take my breath away,
Prognosticate the end.
Karma if you’re listening,
Of what I’m owed,
I am bereft.
This disguise,
It just isn’t working.
There’s no mask that I’d dare to burden.
One day I’ll come to the surface,
For now I’ll settle in an unmade bed,
A metaphor for my head.

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