Antagonist A.D – Cold

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‘Cold’ is taken from Antagonist A.D’s brand new album ‘Haunt Me As I Roam’ – OUT NOW via UNFD!

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I grew up in the cold with frost inside my bones.
But this chill runs through me like the cold never knew me.

This reaper on my back keeps whispering an easy way out but I ain’t scared of it,
I’m not scared to live and I ain’t scared of it, I’m not scared to live.

(Explanation –
This is about growing up with pain and struggle. These trials and tribulations will scar you forever. Everyone has their own story. Most of my scars are not physical but mental. Although at times I feel weakened by the path I took to become the man I am today. I wouldn’t be who I am without those lessons. The war is constant, I have overcome & I will always overcome.)


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