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Official stream for ‘Headbutt’ by Youth Killed It off their album, ‘What’s So Great, Britain?’.
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He talks the big game
Talks a bit too much
How he’s gonna be someone
Who wants to be loved
Shouts the loudest
He’s an alpha male
But the whispers in his brain tell a different tale

Everyone knows he’s a bit of a ding dong
But he’s stuck to your serve
And returning like ping pong
If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry
So let’s have a sing song

I suppose I just don’t know
Do I lead in with a headbutt or a hello?
Do I answer the phone?
I think I’ll let you speak to the answer tone

Now he’s a big player
On the weekdays
Well that’s what he says anyways
Trigger happy to stop talk and name drop
Sharp with his tongue
When he fires cheap shots

Look mate, it’s ok (It’s ok, It’s ok)
You don’t have to impress me
You’re only lying to yourself
It’s starting to depress me.

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