Void of Vision – You Will Bring Me Down [Official Music Video]

19. April 2018 222 12 Keine Kommentare


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Taken from Void of Vision’s EP Disturbia, out now: www.unfd.lnk.to/DisturbiaEP

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Alone, oh well
Call out and time will tell
If the very mention of my name
Will snap the strung out wires inside your brain

I’d die for what I believe
But you’ll never believe in me

Misery loves company,
But I’ll be happy when you leave, I’m so over losing sleep
Misery loves company
I’m dying for you to see that I’m so tired of this hollow feeling

I’ll make this look so damn easy, you should’ve called it from the start
The tale of two calloused hearts;
Fall in love, fall apart

Misery loves company and I’m obsessed with this pain
I realised that I was getting better when you got better at walking away

So you better walk away
Walk away


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