Troubled Coast "Confidence"

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Confidence Lyrics
we stood steady in the dark, we moved quiet through the woods with ankles off the bridge, let it fall onto your skirt and stain your skin. don’t look back until it’s gone, you know that grace was never what i took untested hands and prideful looks.

the weight of the world was in your eyes. the weight of your words unfolded. the weight of the world was in your arms, if it’s nothing to you then it’s nothing to me…

just breath, you’re wasting time with love. don’t think you’re shaking off the dust and pulling out the pins, come falling to the floor. bite down with blood in your mouth, drive on with sun in your eyes and no where to go. you’re in the dirt between the oak with tested lies and shaking hands. your life’s in the car, on the run.


all i ever wanted was the quietness of solitude and confidence of you. just let me speak, i’m honestly afraid that if you walk away i’ll lose the way it was.

i’ve been better, i’ve been here before. and just the other day i felt the strangest sense of urgency to flush my demons out. and one day, driving slow, maybe the slightest sense of irony will steer you off the road, will make you understand…

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