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To The Wind "Hands Of The Clock"

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Hands Of The Clock Lyrics
I was selfish, had no desire, unfaithful, and uninspired
I hated myself and I grew tired of covering the truth with a smile to make it better. I needed you to help me but all I wanted was just some piece of company. I was desperate to feel something and if I did anything to hurt you I’m sorry.
I know I’m not a perfect man. I’ll fix mistakes in any place I can but if I could choose to turn the hands of the clock and go back to the start of it, I wouldn’t change shit.
I’m just a sorry man. I know I’m not a perfect man. I know I’m not a perfect friend. I know I’m not a perfect son. I’m just a sorry man. Dear ma, was I an honest kid? Did I ever thank you enough for all the things that you did? I know I haven’t been a perfect son but if I ever seem to disappoint you I’m sorry. I’m just a sorry man.

Melodic Hardcore

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