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Thornhill – Coven

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Taken from Thornhill’s album The Dark Pool, out now: :

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Alive and moving
Closer than before
Slowly breathing
Under the floor

Give me all your attention
So I can feed
You made me real
That’s all I need

I continue to feel
Knowing that I’ll rot
If I was in pain
Would you make it all stop

A hybrid of hell
Did you know?
You are the inferno

I hear deafening voices
Coming from me
Given the power
To control what I see
What I am inside
This flesh is turning blue
Carry shards of broken hearts for you

Fall with me
Into what never ends
No light in our descent

Save yourself and run

I’m under you bed
I’m in your hair
I’m in your lungs
When you need some air
Don’t breathe I’ll find you

If you look at things long enough
They start to move on their own
A hybrid of hell did you know?
I continue to feel knowing that I’ll rot
If I was in pain would you make it all stop?
Don’t let me close

Written by Thornhill
Produced by Ethan McCann & Jacob Charlton
Engineered by Lance Prenc
Additional Engineering, Mixing & Mastering by Nick Sjogren


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