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The Story So Far "Take Me As You Please" Official Music Video

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Directed by: Eric Soucy
Produced by: Eric Soucy
Director of Photography: Ian Hurdle
Edited by: Anthony Miralles
Costume Designer- Rachel Pozivenec

“Take Me As You Please” lyrics

Don’t leave my light on, you’ll burn out the bulb
And then I’ll have to buy another
It’s not like we can’t talk to each other

Don’t write a sad song, you’ll burn out your love
And then you’ll have to find another
I’m gonna shine on for my little brother

Hazy lazy burning through my tree
She says that I’m crazy but I don’t let it phase me
Taste me baby take me as you please

I feel the sunshine that burns away the cold
Pulling off the nylon cover
How many times can I say that I love her?
But thats not for this song
Cause I’m done with all the noise
Know that we can talk to each other
It’s all good it’s all love now it’s over

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