The Story So Far "Proper Dose" Official Music Video

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Directed by: Elliott Ingham

Shot by:
Jordan Knight
Jose Johann Ramos-Arteaga
Sam Shapiro
Kat Nijmeddin
Tim Cayem
Anthony Purcella
Elliott Ingham

“Proper Dose” lyrics

Highs and lows are how I flow
My favorite mirror’s there
Wanna look at what I think I know
But all I do is stare
Too long
I defy the proper dose ‘cause I’m alone and I don’t care
And though that grass is greener
It just don’t even compare
At all

So much time I wanna give you back
I feel opaque and absentee
Am I just going through the motions
Or is this how I’ll be?
Barely focused anymore, the haze is all that I can see
Red bottle, white cap

Slime in my stomach slowly turning
Staring at the grout in the tile
Dry is my heave and my head is burning
Think I’ll be in here a while, I’m gone
And my cousin’s age is turning
Growing into a man from a child
I wanna watch him play, wanna see him score
Wanna be around cause I need
To make him smile some more

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