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Sunsleeper – No Cure

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Official stream for ‚No Cure‘ by Sunsleeper off their album, ‚You Can Miss Something & Not Want It Back‘.
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You inspired the things I want
Now you inspire be the things that I’m not

The little light that you had in your head
Burning bright, now it hardly stands

You did it all, poorly
But oh how it works out well
Waiting as the paint dries
Almost enough to change

Hard replies, losing fights
It won’t come naturally
Hurting your kin
Is it collateral damage?

Lost and tired
Shaking from your own rapture
Holding close to salad days
Shifting of ground makes you shake

I know your fears
I learned them
You cannot cure yourself
Lost all your friends
Sum of your most hollow actions

Lay it to rest
Hope in time you can lay down

I know your fears
I learned them
I cannot cure myself

We know your fears
We learned them
We cannot cure ourselves

You know your fears
You learned them
You cannot cure yourself.

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