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Stories – Alone In the Fallout

12. September 2017 859 Keine Kommentare


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‘Alone In the Fallout’ is taken from the debut Stories album ‘The Youth To Become’ – Available August 14th via UNFD/Rise Records.

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Laying down
Your complexion
Lay me down one last time
Life is a complication
Listen I know I’m alone in the fallout
Life is a complication
Listen I know I’m alone

My burden is your blade
Your fear to be left alone
Go and live your life
Defeated by disorder
Maybe that’s what I need
Someone to keep

Alone in the fallout

Don’t ever bury how it feels to
Well it’s so shameful how they use you
For everything you’re worth
For everything they wanted

I’ve been tracing back
Everything that you said
No need to reason
Just speak from your heart
People don’t care what you’ve been saying
Back to them at all


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