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Slowly Slowly – The Cold War

23. Juli 2018 240 9 Keine Kommentare


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You say it all with an ease like it means nothing to me
Like I’m not a creature that dwells on the cuts
Who pulls them back open just to fill ‚em all up with concrete, sinking slow
I’m drunk in Sienna, not that you’ll ever know
The Cold War was just me
In the harsh light of day feels like its come to take me again

All your words were too sweet so the chess pieces fell at your feet
And I scraped all my skin on the rough bricks at home, to hide all the evidence so they’d never know
What I was, what I knew
You were down in the dumps, clutching footholds and lumps
The Cold War sways in time, she builds, and she falls on the slate tiled halls again

I am filled with regret, decisions I made that I didn’t even get
You told me you loved me, we rehearsed on the way
You said I had two choices, you can kill me or stay
So I caved, saved the day – manipulated into someone that I hate today
The Cold War was just me
Deployed until now that I have come to claim me again

Push up on me
Make me guilty
Make me feel like
I pushed the knife

Thought I buried
Thought I covered
Now you’re on me like a bug on a light

But I’m watching fom my satellites and
I can see you changing and you’re alright


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