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Patent Pending – We're Getting Weird

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Official stream for ‘We’re Getting Weird’ by Patent Pending off their EP, ‘Armageddon’.
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(Were gettin’ weird)

Lazer-Gun! Smash! Pew-Pew!
Earth is under attack!
Someone get your boy back to a jet pack.
Look Ma!
I got a brand new phone!
Fresh bit! Hash-tag!
Yaw, I’m in the fuckin’ zone.
check your dance, like you know i could.
Cuz’ all the chicas at the wild,
like ‘how you move so good?’

livin’ with my Mom,
cuz’ my Moms a bomb.
She make a bomb, chica bomb bomb.

Could you think of something funny I could put right here?
Cuz’ my head is always swinging from the chandelier.
I’m watching ninja turtles with a box of beer,
and I know, you know, we know.

We’re getting weird,
We’re getting weird,
We’re getting weird.

Huh, you know Jurassic Park?
Oh sure!
What could go wrong?
We could tame some velociraptors,
they could sing in the song, like
It’s spitting the truth,
J-E-F-F go boom!
ET tweed Haw,
Dude, we’ve been lookin’ for you,
Let me break it down like Beyonce do for ya’

Hand me a microphone?
this night right here,
we’ll sing it like drake.

Started from the bottom and we still here,
Started from the bottom we ain’t fuckin’ goin’ nowhere,
Started from the bottom and we still here,
Everybody gettin’ weird!

We’re getting weird,
We’re getting weird.

That’s it,
it’s on, we Donkey-Kong,
When we crash in Finns spawn,
you’ll whoo till the songs on
lounging in my Shawn Johns
wanna raise some Wan-tawns,
dunking on Lee-brons Mom,
king of the prom.

I’m getting weird with this,
Ellen, let me know if you been hearin’ this,
And don’t mistake the next line on the show for this,
You a bad-ass bitch,
got me dancing in the isles like this:

We’re getting weird,
We’re getting weird.

This night right here,
We sing it like dra-dra-dra-dra-Drake.

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