Neck Deep – I Couldn't Wait To Leave 6 Months Ago (2014 Version)

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From up here this town don’t look so bad,
I’m looking down at this place I am
And at least for a second,
It seems okay,
But I’m not getting over it,
Just getting used to it,
It’s been so long since everything seemed to fit,
And it’s not a case of being scared or undeserving,
I’m just questioning the purpose of
Leaving what I thought I was
Pulling me down.
But I’ll bite my tongue and grit my teeth.
I’ll leave my heart where I leave my home,
I never thought that I’d be on my own,
I never knew that I had this in me,
I kinda think it came all too quickly.
But I know that growing up’s a part of growing up,
So I guess I’ll just face the facts
And throw my bags up on this broken back.
I’ll learn from my mistakes
And find a place where I can breathe,
Somewhere that I can breathe.
I’ll miss the smell of the rain on my road,
The dirty streets of the town I call home,
My friends that kept me from feeling alone
And the broken promises you made that forced me to grow,
And I’ll miss the paths I’ve walked a thousand times,
The mistakes that I made, the lessons learned from the nights that I spent
With my friends in this town I resent,
All cause this is the last of the time that I’ll spend around here.

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