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Neck Deep – Gold Steps (Official Music Video)

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Neck Deep’s official video for „Gold Steps“ off of the album „Life’s Not Out To Get You“ out now!

Directed by: Kyle Thrash –

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I’ve been stuck in the middle pages,
Hung up on a cross that I created,
Built out of the bones that I’ve been breaking.
The sign you said you needed,
Is there but you can’t see it.
You might be down and out but you’re still breathing.
If you write the story, then you’ll find out we’re all stuck on the same page.
Sometimes things will bend you,
But trust me you’ll be fine,
I’ve been moving mountains that I once had to climb.
And life’s not out to get you,
Despite the things you’ve been through,
Because what you give is what you get,
And it doesn’t make sense to make do.
The walls are caving in again,
Happens every now and then,
Always got me feeling like I’m fucked.
Falling in and out of bed,
Sleep so I feel like I’m dead,
Trying to get a grip is kinda rough.

You say life has lost it’s meaning,
And that’s true if you believe it,
But someday you will stand above your demons,
You’re not beneath this.
So pick yourself up,
You can’t change what’s been,
You must go on and learn while you live.
And when you see the signs saying hope is up ahead,
Then you’re right on track for a better end.

Directed by Kyle Thrash

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