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My Iron Lung "Certainty"

25. Oktober 2017 471 Keine Kommentare


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I found out the hard way that nothing is permanent,
that nothing stays the same,
that everything is fleeting, there’s no way to keep our love safe

Through bad weather and highways, through distances and time,
this feeling I am having it burns a light pain but burns in a good way

When you have so much riding on one thing
and one day for no reason something leaves your life without notice
and you’re left with nothing to fall back on

The pain is futile, it is real, it is present,
it is you lost at your lowest moment in life

It’s the scenery that passes us so quickly that makes me miss old memories
Sitting in the front seat watching everything pass by through the window
Time is unstoppable

I’m certain it’s fleeting
I’m certain it’s gone
I’m certain it is sadness weighing me down

and I am certain it’s absence
I am certain now more than ever that nothing lasts forever

I’m certain it happens to all of us,
we drift in opposite directions farther and farther away
but no absence goes unnoticed, I’m certain

Hardcore Punk

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