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Hellions – X (Mwah) [Official Music Video]

6. Februar 2018 442 6 Keine Kommentare


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Directed by Neal Walters

Producer – Ruby Thomas
Director of Photography – Marcus Cropp
Camera Op – Michael Ciarlo
1st AC – Nick Foster
MUA – Steph Elkington
MUA Assistant – Kelly Traplin
Choreographer – Lucy Pitt

It all set in so slow, there’s no light
i fear the twilight of my prime
because right now it feels so much
like it’s gonna be the end of my little life.
I wanna drain the marrow ‘fore i make old bones
it’s been really nice to know you but for now i gotta go
i’m not long for this world
it’s nice to know x

So are we water without salubrity?
we’re not so bright for breathing cosmic debris
no we can’t see
i want vertiginous height and speed that just might kill me

I am not a spirited vision like their young lovelies
and I’m never gonna feign an admission
‘cause that doesn’t interest me
I know there’s much more left than the slow death
that we all suffer at their behest
but I just can’t see, whats happening to me
‘Cause I’m never gonna see what I’m missing with eyes on my feet
and i’m never call this a living when its all so rote and unhappy
how can I say I made a change
when I’m getting further every day
from consistency, from some stability

One day you’re here and the next day you’re gone
the only purpose i feel remains in song
If Freddie wrote his Rhapsody at 29
maybe i still have time for mine

I know a poet will find no use for peace
I know this is the only way it should be
i’ll be dead before i know i’m dying
but it doesn’t feel unnatural to me

So i howl at the sun
it’s taken years but i feel that i’m done
taking posies out my pockets
we can all fall down, we can stop it

there’s no place for me, my ten dollar words
and all the little vanities this world incurs

it’s sixes and sevens
…can we create a heaven?

Hardcore Punk

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