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Hellions – Bad Way

13. September 2017 129 Keine Kommentare


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Bad Way is taken from the new Hellions album ‘Opera Oblivia’ – OUT NOW via UNFD / Rise Records.

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Just as the sound of a tin roof expanding in the sun
differs not from the sound of the rain
falling in and out of love, sometimes,
can begin to feel the same.
but I’m smoking more, I’m eating less
I’ve lost capacity to excess
and so through a note or blown up in smoke
I relinquish all my control

Pre – Chorus:

…and when you talk too much
people start thinking they heard things that you never said
when you’re verbally incontinent,
who could truly understand what you meant?

Verse 2:

Excess gave wings – learn to fly
Come sunrise, it took away the sky
but I’m cognisant of the hefty price
how many does it bring back to life?
I’m drinking more and I’m sleeping less
I’m losing all that I possess
I’m happiest, when I’m a mess
but I can’t survive as anything less than this.

Pre – Chorus 2:

and if I drink too much
I don’t think that you’ll believe all that I have to say
I’ll be fucking incoherent then
and you’ll have never understood what I meant
when I speak of the end


Articulate, enunciate –
“So what the fuck are you trying to say?”
My axiom, my oxygen
Honey rid yourself of me
I’m a fucking disease


In a world contrived, I swore it on my life
that I’d never be the one to leave your side
time heals and time takes away
but to you, I’ll remain a fucking liar

Pre – Chorus 3:

and you were so fucked up
that I don’t know if I can live with all that I have said.
I’ve lost all self-respect
and no longer can I sleep with your voice in my head


So shame, shame, shame on me
I could never have done this without a drink
and so shame, shame, shame on me
honey rid yourself of me
I’m a fucking disease

Hardcore Punk

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