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Four Year Strong "What's in the Box?"

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Four Year Strong “What’s In The Box” Lyrics
It’s time to set the record straight
Then hopefully you don’t just fade out
Doing what we have to, to survive
I’ve been waiting far too long to give up all hope
That my heart is strong enough to stay alive

I know my wounds will heal with time
but still I wear all my scars with pride

When the push comes to shove
Ill shove it down your throat
So before you mess it all up
Make sure like hell you don’t
If you try to take me out
You best break all my bones
So before you mess it all up
Make sure like hell you don’t

I know that every word I’ve said has fallen short of being clever
But think I think you get the picture
I’ve been working too damn hard to give in to pressure
But it doesn’t mean the walls aren’t caving in

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