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Four Year Strong "Nice To Know" Official Music Video

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Director: Marlon Brandope
DP: Zach Kuperstein
PM: Adam Carbone
1st AC: Samuel Lüsted
Gaffer: Ben Heald
Prep Gaffer: Dylan Kiely
Swing: Jeff Wager
Key Grip: Andy Bates-Ribezzo
Production Designer: Cory Santilli
Leadman: The Dicksta
Wardrobe: Jessica Muro
Editor: Rhys Santa Maria
Colorist: Michael Higgs
PA: Dan Swords
PA: Justin McHugh

David Weindel
Emily Rose

Four Year Strong „Nice To Know“ Lyrics

If I didn’t follow every single dream I’d be left wondering what could be
If I were to mumble every single thought I think I’d tie my tongue in knots
But I think I’ll give this one a shot

Its nice to know theres a place to go
And after all the things I’ve said and done
Its just nice to know that you’re not alone

If you said you’d give me anything I want I’d tell you I’ve already got it all
And if once in a while everything was anything but perfect I’d be perfectly fine
Cuz you’ve got yours and I’ve got mine

Its nice to know that theres always a place to go
And after all the scrapes and broken bones
Its just nice to know that you’re not alone

So wait just a minute, take a second to believe
While you’re waiting for the moment remember that time ticks on
Remember that time won’t wait for you
Everything is going to be just fine

Pop Punk

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