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Forever Came Calling "Wish You Well"

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„Wish You Well“ Lyrics
Verse one : don’t be don’t be so damn deceptive
You reap what you sew
Your mouth only lies if you let it
But u have to know , you have to know
The truth makes u uncomfortable
Beneath it all , your skin and bones
Lies a soul that’s miserable
Prechorus :
Switch it up / just for once / have a taste of how u made me feel /
Push your luck / bite your tongue / don’t stop until you’re done.
Chorus :
I hope I am too late to save you when you’re lying there chocking / no conscience In your brain/ your throat is what you’re lying there holding / you’re perfect in your place / cold enough to break this silence / I don’t wish u well , if you can’t tell I don’t wish u well .

Don’t be, don’t be so damn defensive you know what you did an excuse means you don’t regret it. Less is more, less is more when it comes to the things we can’t afford. A stateline, flight of stairs and the books I read to be prepared

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