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Easy Life – Light Me Up [Official Music Video]

29. September 2017 375 11 Keine Kommentare


Easy Life – – The metal and rock music portal for immortals! Bands, Artists and more. C’mon and take a seat on the train to

Taken from Easy Life’s new EP There Can’t Be This Much Water In The Sky, available now:

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I’m like the shadow that I carry around
I’m defined in the ground
I’d live through the fire to get away from you
But my eyesight has turned to this red hue
How can it be the thousandth time?
I’m so scared I won’t get sleep tonight
Just let me jump
Just let me dive
I’m burning alive

I use my head to break my fall
It doesn’t matter, I’ve been ere before
My body blisters and bones break
I feel okay, this is my fate

Let the flames lick higher
Singe my dreams like the morning sun
Just trying to be like the rest
I was born to run


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