Driver Friendly – Run (Official Music Video)

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The official music video for Driver Friendly song “Run” off the EP ‘Peaks + Valleys’ – now available on Hopeless Records!

Driver Friendly album ‘Unimagined Bridges’ is out now on Hopeless Records!
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I’ve got a bad feeling that it’s true What they say about the other side And I got a tendency to always run But never hide
We stared defeat down into the bottom of its soul We put back the pieces till we felt whole
So I stood in the canyon
And listened to
Echoes from the other side
Turns out the shadows on the wall Were never really there at all
What we needed was always inside
If there’s no way through
We can build a bridge
If there’s no sunlight
We’ll set the sky on fire
Just left with dreams that could have been Turning over and over in our heads
Over and over again

Directed by Jeremi Mattern |

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