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Cursed Earth – Rock Bottom

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Taken from Cursed Earth’s mixtape, The Deathbed Sessions:

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Yeah, you’re standing at a crossroad,
Looking down the barrel of another low episode,
Suffering, a distillation,
Of your need for self gratification

Cruelty, an escape from the cycle,
Punishment, and the hope for revival,
Looking through the eyes of an idol,
Life is survival, Life is survival,

Yeah, I can’t imagine the feeling,
Three days up, head reeling,
Caught in your blind spot,
Wait until the queen’s asleep before you take the shot

Just one step off the ledge,
Welcome to a new dead end

Panic, and a splintered home
Judgement, and the weight of the stone
Sentenced in a one sided trial,
Life is survival, Truth is reprisal

There was an inferno, we hold the match
They say the brightest flame doesn’t last
Now we face the eternal silence
Now you pay for the price of your violence

Rain, Wash away the stain

Failure, How quickly family is forgotten,
Welcome to the new rock bottom.

Failure, One step and you could be free,
Hope you fall on your knees when you hit the dirt.
No sympathy,
Can you stomach the heat when you puncture the earth?

Hardcore Punk

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