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Cursed Earth – Eternal

22. September 2017 510 Keine Kommentare


Cursed Earth – – The metal and rock music portal for immortals! Bands, Artists and more. C’mon and take a seat on the train to

Cursed Earth’s EP Cycles of Grief Volume II: Decay is out now:

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swamped down
never cleaned
torching the advance we made
glimmer on the glass we stained
deploy smoke into the system
recharge, outlast, maintain our rhythm

burning forms
charred corruption left behind
ground to a halt
righteous flame does not purify

space time curve
salted landscape
starch preserved
red sealed eyes
partial liberation never satisfies

eternal hunger
pleading in my eyes
never satisfied
once you begin
you will be dragged under
clouded through red sealed eyes

Hardcore Punk

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