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Cursed Earth – Discarded

16. September 2017 87 Keine Kommentare


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a doomed fate
blistered feet have travelled an age
bred to be cast away
bloated belly on a skeletal frame
earthly parasite,
loss of my identity
my trial is over
i long to be free
with the first breath comes the terror screams
torn from the womb and cast into uncertainty

shed the weight
to start anew
damaged by the truth

ive been hardened by the trauma of what i’ve been through
i dont want you

a dragging weight on my back
it’s all i want to be free
will this disease ever leave me be
a life born from cruelty and madness
uproot the sickness that was planted
shroud of black
all life is hopeless
dark psychosis
no strength
no focus
cracked earth
broken skies
open wounds
dead eyes

i can still feel the scars open up on my back
waking up at midnight screaming under attack
now my stomach is a pit of despair
the sound of mothers dying hanging dead in the air

Hardcore Punk

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