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Counterparts "Haunt Me"

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“Haunt Me” Lyrics

Not what you need, we’ve been seduced by suffering in spite of separation. Embedded in my head, the hallucination settles. If our memories don’t drag their feet in dirt their steps can’t be retraced. So we spin until we’re sick, longing for the loss of balance. A fall that carries us from heaven to our grave. You haunt me like an empty home. Priceless possession, I bring you with me wherever I go. Wander through me, rearranging my insides in search of sleep. So well rested, you forget to bring me with you when you leave. Punish my body for the things my soul has seen. I’ve been staring into sunlight counting backwards while the radiance blinds me. Flawed reflections will make themselves at home convincing us to walk barefoot through miles of broken mirrors. Hollow out my body, I know you need somewhere to sleep. Change the locks on doors I’ve left open inside of me. Hollow out my body, I’m not what you need. In spite of separation, we have been seduced by suffering. Migrate as you may, swallowing your spare key for safekeeping. Wander where you please inside of me. You haunt me.

Melodic Hardcore

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