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Columbus – Cut It Out [Official Music Video]

5. Januar 2019 235 8 Keine Kommentare


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Taken from Columbus‘ album A Hot Take On Heartbreak, out now:

Shivers, come with every breath
This pain it’s a feeling you know you won’t forget
Your dreams, we’ve been crashing cars
Just let the butterflies free, to roam the dark

She says, it hurts too much, I don’t care just cut it out
I don’t want, to feel no more, can’t let this river drown me now
I don’t care just cut it out

My thoughts, like shooting stars
Your bones are crumbling to dust, body gives up
You know, that something’s not right
I sleep, but you can’t help lie awake all night

It just hurts too much
I’m not scared of blood
Just cut it out
Just cut it out

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