Columbus – Care At All

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Taken from Columbus’ new album A Hot Take On Heartbreak, out May 25:

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It’s late again, I’m drowning, more than pain
Sober up, you’re useless, I tell myself
When I look into your eyes I only see mistakes I’ve made
In the morning kitchen table I always feel so ashamed

You say to me,
You came home again late last night, I waited up but you never called
I’ve been trying to get this right, it’s hard to think that you care at all

I’m fighting with, my eyelids, it’s getting worse
You tell me that, you’re leaving, the truth it hurts
I never realised what I had until I saw it walk away
I saw the solace in your eyes I knew exactly what you’d say

Care at all, it’s hard to think that you care at all
Why did I have to make you hurt too?
You never see what someone else goes through
You hide your feelings away, but I know what you’d say

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