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Meg & Dia "American Spirit"

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“American Spirit” lyrics

I won’t stop searching till I find it
Lost like memories when I was a kid
Is it in crystals or a sound bath
Or the things I dreamt up but I never did
I’ve looked all over, seeing double
Do I need a single eye
I need a mail order guru like those mail order brides
They say It’s all in meditation
But when I sit still, I’m afraid what I’ll find

Am I gonna get better
Did I drink the Kool-Aid
Am I looking in all the wrong places
Is my body just space

I got that American Spirit
It’s searching for what I can’t find
I’m looking in holy rivers
I pray that she’ll show me a sign
If I let go of holding tightly
Will I see Jesus in a stranger tonight?
The devil hides in Coca Cola
But if I’m high will I be more qualified?
Cause in my Elvis Presley record I found the light
And my books say I’m a bad ass for just $12.99
Maybe I’ll trace it to my family
But maybe some things, should be buried alive

I’m giving up
I surrender to you
I’m giving up
I surrender to you


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